About Resound

Resound is a nonprofit organization established in 1999 in response to invitations from international leaders for professionals to equip and enable local people in character and community development.

Resound Projects

What does Resound do?

We send teachers, medical workers, community development workers, and business people into contexts where their gifts and skills create relational opportunities for personal and social development.

Our Strategy
Using research, motivation and training, we mobilize leaders to impact their nations and beyond

Our Values
Team, Family, Partnership, Freedom to Innovate, Multiplication, Servanthood

Our Mission
Bringing skilled helpers to the needs of the world

Touching the World …
– by bringing/transferring skills
– by equipping local leaders
– by giving hope for the future

To view Resound’s Introduction brochure (or download a PDF copy), click the image.

RC intro brochure