CLIDE Consultancy

What is CLIDE

CLIDE, Community Livestock-Integrated Development Consultancy, works to empower community groups and organizations for sustainable socio-economic transformation and holistic healing through an integrated livestock development approach.

Empowering Community Groups and Organizations: As consultants, we see our ministry focused on others. We will decrease that they may increase. As we assist them to stand stronger by building their capacity, their resources, and their confidence, we hope that they are then enabled to move to a new level of organizational growth and productivity. These groups and organizations can include community associations, NGOs, other ministries, etc.

CLIDEFor Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformations: Working with the poor and vulnerable, we strive for sustainable impact in the lives of those we work with. We focus our efforts on helping others to overcome psychological dependency, poverty and lack of skills such that they can grow towards living sustainable livelihoods and producing sustainable results.

Holistic Healing: We believe in dealing with the whole person, not just looking at their physical needs, but also understanding their spiritual, psychological, educational, social and economic needs as they are all inter-related.

Through an Integrated Livestock Development Approach: We have seen over time that livestock are a vital element in the lives of the rural poor, providing a source of food as well as income, social status, traction, hides and skins and transport. Because of this vital role, we seek to use livestock as the entry point for our development interventions.

Where does CLIDE work?

Primarily in the Teso and Karamoja regions, but occasionally in other communities in Uganda and East Africa.

What Can You Do?

  • Go
    Take your skills, life experience, and passions to those who will really appreciate them. Join us!
  • Send
    Invest in the work of one of our international workers or one of our strategic initiatives.
  • Encourage
    Remember the various needs and challenges of our teams. Let them know you’re a vital part of their lives and effort.
  • Give
    Your generous gift will help those in need. Together, we can make a difference.

Livestock Ministries

  • Animal health trainings for livestock keepers and Community Animal Health Workers (CAHWs)
  • Livestock revolving loans to vulnerable families and widows
  • Networking with university faculty in continuing veterinary education programs
  • Disease prevention through vaccination outreaches
  • Agriculture and livestock clubs and projects in schools

Veterinary Medicine Programs

  • Training, research and development of ethno-veterinary medicines
  • Agro-forestry for herbal veterinary medicines, fruit trees, timber, shade trees
  • Climate adaptation strategies
  • Networking with associations of traditional healers

Peace Programs

  • Peace building between warring tribes
  • Community health and sanitation projects
  • Water projects
  • Agricultural projects
  • Community education and primary school programs
  • Disaster Relief and Food for Work

Timothy Education Program

  • Sponsorship for school children
  • Annual retreats for sponsored children
  • Mentoring of secondary students
  • Clubs in schools

Health Programs

  • Medical ministries in peace villages
  • Training of Village Health Teams (VHTs)
  • Training in HIV/AIDS
  • Support for HIV/AIDS effected families

Micro-Enterprise Development Programs

  • Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs)
  • Micro-Enterprise Loans and Training

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The CLIDE Logo

The colors represent the thematic areas that CLIDE (Community Livestock-Integrated Development) Consultancy uses to reach communities through livestock integrated development.

CLIDEGreen is for the Environment and Agriculture. Yellow for Economic Development and Education. Red for Health and Blue for Peace. The bovine head represents livestock integration into all of these sectors originating from a Biblical mandate.