What does Resound do?

We send teachers, medical workers, community development workers, and business people. They work in places where their gifts and skills create relational opportunities for personal and social development.

CLIDE - Community Livestock-Integrated Development Consultancy
As a ministry partner of Resound, CLIDE works to empower community groups and organizations for sustainable socio-economic transformation and holistic healing through an integrated livestock development approach. Read more on their programs in Livestock, Veterinary Medicine, Peace, Education, Health, and Micro-Enterprise Development.

Resound Vocational Training
Vocational Training
Young adults facing unemployment are often eager to learn meaningful trades. At our vocational training center besides teaching basic life-skills, we’ve helped disenfranchised young people become professionals in cooking and baking. These have become sought after employees due to the work ethic and integrity built into our training.

Resound Education and Language Services
Education and Language Services
We enrich students’ lives and prepare them for greater things in the future. Our educational work goes beyond teaching English, though that is a valued service. We also train local teachers in modern educational methods, helping students learn more effectively. We have developed a Community Center around a Kindergarten that also hosts evening classes for parents. This center impacts the whole family and serves as a model that is now being reproduced by locals in other needy communities.

Resound Public Health
Public Health
Western-trained doctors have open doors wherever they are called to serve. We have American doctors serving in modern hospitals in big cities. Some have chosen to work at the village level helping the least advantaged. Our goal is to develop relationships in the community that multiply the doctor’s influence and impact. One doctor has mobilized dozens of volunteers from the city to perform simple but critical medical services in villages within a day’s travel of the urban center.

Resound Economic Development
Economic Development
In every struggling economy, some people are gifted enough to run small businesses. Many times, all they need is some simple training, a few tools, and some short term coaching to get them going. We have equipped several to run their own computer systems support companies. This provides support to their families and gives them new value and influence in their community.

Resound Sports for Community Development
Sports for Community Development
Few activities bring down social barriers and build character better than sports. Through a variety of applications, coaches can utilize the avenue of sports to develop relationships, enrich communities, and transform society.

Where does Resound work?

Primarily in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

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What Can You Do?

  • Go
    Take your skills, life experience, and passions to those who will really appreciate them. Join us!
  • Send
    Invest in the work of one of our international workers or one of our strategic initiatives.
  • Encourage
    Remember the various needs and challenges of our teams. Let them know you’re a vital part of their lives and effort.